Jim Carfrae PhD

I have been a designer all my life:
First at Conker Shoes, where I designed a range of hand-made, natural footwear.
I then set up 'Carfrae Loudspeakers',
where I designed these exotic sculptural pieces of Hi-Fi.
The loudspeakers were made by hand in Devon, and sold all over the world
I started my building career by helping to run a co-operative self build scheme to convert a Victorian primary school into flats for young single people back in 1983. This was my first proper home, and a valuable lesson in how to achieve what you want by doing it yourself!

My Mother was an Architect and my
brother is a civil engineer, so I have always been around people who understand buildings.

After building my own straw bale house at Ashleigh, I spent four years researching the moisture performance of straw bale building for a PhD at the University of Plymouth.
Highlights of my research are available
Carfrae Sustainable Design is a new business, but I have already designed a range of successful buildings. A selection can be seen on the
projects page.